Fika for Life

Frank and laid-back conversations about all aspects of life from a Christian perspective over cosy Swedish Fika. We will air podcasts twice a month and bonus material more sporadically.


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This is Edward Thomas and Linh Nguyen introducing themselves to the listeners. Listen in when they talk about how they became Christians, came to live in Sweden and their motivations for starting Fika...
November 4, 2018
Today Edward and Linh are giving their "official" definition of the Swedish word, "fika" as well as giving advice about what to expect when first coming to Sweden. when new there are just a lot of thi...
November 25, 2018
All kinds of relationships require trust as a foundation but what if that foundation is cracked? Listen in when Ed and Linh talk about trust in relations, how to mend broken relationships and what one...
December 9, 2018
Christmas celebrations in Sweden and its traditions. What are we celebrating during Christmas? Edward and Linh are sharing their insights on Swedish Christmas in the 21th century.
December 23, 2018
Edward and Linh share their happy Christmas memories and read the Christmas story.
December 24, 2018
Often people focus on new year's resolutions but we'd like to add our own little twist and talk about starting the new year with thankfulness, being positive and setting realistic goals for a long-ter...
January 1, 2019
All human beings are born as singles and many people die as singles. So how do we define singleness? We will wade into this jungle of confusion about when is a person single or not, especially in this...
January 6, 2019
You might be thinking about dating someone who is a Christian or your might be someone who is not a Christian but the person you are interested in is a Christian. Regardless of which choice you make i...
January 20, 2019
Linh and Ed answer the questions which you listeners have sent in to us. Today's questions are: What do you have for fika? (00:38) What to do you do when your non-believing family and friends pressure...
January 27, 2019
Today Linh and Edward, are talking about the origins of being friends with the opposite sex. Maybe it starts when you are younger? We will share insights from our own lives, which might impart wisdom ...
February 3, 2019

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